GitLab Installation | CentOS 6.x

This tutorial describes the steps to be installed GitLab WebUI server on CentOS 6.x edition. Before we move forward, let’s see what is this GitLab, it’s a web based code repository for management , review and issue tracking. Developers no need to worry about whatever the development methodology, is a waterfall, Agile or any traditional methods, it always streamline the collaborate development workflow up to the CI/CD pipelines.


This tool is basically opensource tool and anyone can setup the server easily for their testing or in-house development. As in git lab it comes with a visualize dashboard with monitoring as well, Further, developers could get stats for the projects as well.


To install GitLab on server setup, it would strongly recommended on at leaset 4GB of RAM.

  1. Install necessary dependency packages in the server. And the lokkit feature has been used to setup easiy firewall rules which does not require more complex questions to be setup firewall rules.
     sudo yum install -y curl policycoreutils-python openssh-server cronie
     sudo lokkit -s http -s ssh
  2. In this step, we are going to install, postfix for email transferring for notifications.
     sudo yum install postfix
     sudo service postfix start
     sudo chkconfig postfix on
  3. Adding GitLab package and install it on the server.
     curl | sudo bash
  4. Once the package is installed on the server, set the GIt URL for your owas gitlab URL and proceed to download the necessary files.
     sudo EXTERNAL_URL="" yum -y install gitlab-ee
  5. Once the installation completed you can load the GitLab web UI using your servers’ DNS name or the IP.
    http:// or


  6. Once you set the password, you can log in to the server using root user and the password, then you can setup your first project over there and use the features available on the server.

After you logged in to the GitLab server, you can configure your first project and new features related to DevOps. 🙂


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