The purpose of this technical document provide specialized information about how to configure NIC (Network Interface Card) Teaming in Microsoft Windows Server 2012.
All the steps are described with images and the commands. This is working 100% per-fectly.
All the configuration are done by manually and steps are mentioned clearly, In here I already installed Windows Server 2012 fresh copy. So I am going to show you how to setup NIC teaming for our server with the necessary screen shots and configuration details.
In Windows Server 2012 has integrated fault tolerance ability in default, under this the NIC teaming is a most important to preventing network failures.

The video tutorial also available @ yt
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NIC teaming is a new feature in Microsoft windows server 2012. That is a solution for increase the net-work availability and the performance on the network. So the business continuity is high. Because the all Network Interfaces Cards are acted as a single NIC that’s called “NIC teaming”. In Windows Server 2012 has some grater options with this NIC teaming and also it is a hardware independent.

1. When there is a network failure for a particular NIC interface, that can be han-dled by moving network traffic to the remaining NICs.
2. Another one is the network throughput high because the entire bandwidth is combined with each other.


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In Microsoft Windows Server 2012 there are two ways to enhance the network availability and the network performance. The first one is host with all interfaces are connected to the same switch this is called “switch depended mode” and another one is host with interfaces are con-nected to different switches this is called “switch independent mode”. In here those two types which can be easily separated like given below.Read More »